i.e. Singapore, America, UK, Australia etc. Tell us which country you would like to go and study.
If you have completed High School and waiting to attend a university, you may choose "High School Graduates". If you are a student at any university, you may choose "University/College Student".
If you haven't enrolled into any school, you may be eligible for a free Educational Consultation session with our Educational Consultant.
This could be anything about why you want to go and study abroad, which major you are planning to study, which university you are planning to study or already enrolled into. Based on the information provided here, you may be eligible for a FREE Educational Consultation with one of our Educational Consultant.
For more information about which classes are available for you to enroll, please contact our office phone number 📲 +959-898-063-446 / 📲 +959-972-382-399 during office hours (9AM to 5PM) Sunday off.